Articles written by Larry Niven's fans...

  • Energy Dissipation  

    It's all Downhill but Sometimes by Interesting Routes
    Andy Love's Balticon talk about what really happens to energy, and how it is handled correctly (and incorrectly) in science fiction.

  • Reasoning

    Andy Love talks about deduction, induction, ways induction can be misused, and a few of the ways to overcome these weaknesses.

  • Contingency, Chaos And A Couple Of Pendulums

    Andy Love talks about chaos theory and how it relates to the idea of contingency in history

  • All Models are False -- But Some are Useful

    Andy Love talks about how creating models allows scientists (and others) to solve problems by applying previous solutions to new situations, and how attempts to use models sometimes result in error..

  • May The Forces Be With You

    Andy Love talks about how the centrifugal force applies to many situations, and how that force relates to gravity.

  • Inertial Navigation on Earth and Beyond

    Andy Love talks about how inertial navigation works on (and near) the surface of the Earth and how it would work on other planets, and in weirder places.

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide To Known Space
  • By Mohandas Randy
  • Ringworld Essay

    Essay by Andrew Love Jr. concerning the themes in the novel Ringworld...

  • Building a Modern Hell

    Essay by Mary Pat Campbell relating Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's Inferno with Dante's Inferno...

  • The Last Days of Philip K. Dick

    The story of science fiction author Ray Nelson's last conversation with Philip K. Dick. Includes mention of Larry Niven...

  • Ringworld Psalm

    Ringworld Psalm by Man-Kzin War series author Matthew Joseph Harrington.

  • Left Jokes

    This arose from a discussion about what would happen if two ships in Known Space were on a collision course and one had to turn away to the left. Could you define left? Here's what the list members came up with in line with the views of various Known Space species.

  • Ringworld Study Guide
  • by Frank Wilson, former list manager, larryniven-l
  • Physics In Science Fiction
  • A "slides and notes" version of a talk, written and presented to the Johns Hopkins University Society of Physics Students by Andrew E. Love Jr, a long-standing subscriber, and frequent contributor, to the Larry Niven mail list.
  • Megastructures
  • by Ross Smith.
  • Teaching Physics With Niven
  • The following is a "slides and notes" version of a talk, written by Andrew E. Love Jr, a long-standing subscriber, and frequent contributor, to the Larry Niven mail list, and presented by him as part of the 2007 Balticon science program
  • Essay from Science Fiction Writers
  • By Richard Finhold and John Carron Larry Niven's writing. From Science Fiction Writers: critical studies of the major authors from the early 19th century to the present day. edited by E.F. Bleiler.
  • Essay from Twentieth Century Science Fiction Writers
  • By William Laskowski, Jr. on Larry Niven's writing. From Twentieth Century Science Fiction Writers by Noelle Watson and Paul E. Schellinger.
  • Ringworld Modal Analysis
  • A modal analysis of The Ringworld, by Peter Taylor, a long-time member of the Larry Niven mail list and a real NASA scientist.
  • Too Much Niven
  • You know you've read too much Niven when...
  • What I’ve learned from Larry Niven…
  • This list of insights was compiled from postings to the Larry Niven-L mailing list.