There are various methods to connect to the IRC chat.  Chats are held on the first Saturday of the month.

Internet Relay Chat is a protocol for hosting chatrooms where people can come and go and hold conversations (via typed messages, not audio).

It is widely used by communities to get together and discuss topics.

There is an official irc chat server located at and the channel (or room) #knownspace is where conversation happens.

There are usually a few of us on at any given time. The first Saturday of each month is Larry Niven chat time.

Many thanks to Sean Sullivan for kindly providing and maintaining the IRC server, and to Frank Gasperik for organizing the Saturday chats!

Please join us (sometimes Mr. Niven or one of his co-authors drops by)…


  • Direct Link for IRC Clients

    If you have an IRC client (such as mIRC) ready, click here.

  • Online IRC Client

    There is an embedded client below. If you don't want to run it embedded in this page, simply click on