Links to Larry Niven related things on the web.  It's not customary to keep such lists anymore, but as there are still a few non broken links...

Book Reviews (Multiple), Biographies and Bibliographies:


As Niven played with certain aspects of Known Space history in the unfinished novel Down in Flames, so others have challenged assumptions too:


  • The Encyclopedia of Known Space

    by Brian O'Neill An excellent online encyclopedia of all things Niven. Highly recommended!

  • The Up To Date Known space Chronology

    compiled by I. Marc Carlson This is a very detailed timeline for the Known Spaceuniverse, with additional contributions by Richard Holmes (see below) and converted to HTML by Larry King. Stories, novels, and significant events are all laid out in a continuous history all the way from the beginning of the universe to the projected end of life as we know it due to the galactic core explosion. Great job, guys.

  • Larry's got 67 entries so far on this interesting site.

Ringworld Movie Information 


  • Ringworld

    by Mark Woolrich A very impressive graphical site which goes into detail describing the Ringworld to the layperson. There is also a Ringworld movie animation which is well worth a download.

Interviews, Commentary and Public Appearances


Filks: (Humorous Songs)

If you follow the link to the site you can read other hilarious summaries including one for Lucifer's Hammer, including other reviews of other works including 2001.


  • Niven Double Dactuls
  • This is a collection of a type of poem about Niven's characters called a Double Dactul which was posted on the Larry Niven mailing list by various members and collected by fellow list member Jonathan Sheen


  • alt.books.larry-niven A newsgroup intended for discussion of Larry Niven's work and on Niven-related topics.
  • A general newsgroup intended for the discussion of the science behind sf works of fiction.  This often includes postings about Niven's work, where boffins nitpick the math of Niven's literary inventions.  Fascinating really.

Mailing Lists

  • The Larry Niven Mailing List
  • This is a mailing list devoted to discussions of the works of Larry Niven. This list has been in existence since 1995, and was first set up by Frank Wilson who was a member of staff at Bucknell University.  The list was originally housed on the University, however, since August 2001 the list has been privately hosted by Jonathan Andrew Sheen.  The managers of this site are co-administrators of this list - if you have any problems you can email us, although in the first instance you are better of contacting the Listmaster,
  • Jonathan Sheen maintains an information page for the list at:
    You can subscribe to Larryniven-l by visiting this page.

Everything Else

  • The Crazy Eddie Project
  • Fancy sailing on a 40km high kite? Here's a plan to do it for real. Not quite sure if this is serious or not, but I found this article whilst surfing one day