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Puppeteer on Mars by Bill Goodwin. ...a puppeteer. It was taken on Mars--yet the subject seems untroubled by lack of pressure suit. A new technology, perhaps? Should the ARM investigate? Note the GP hull in the background.
Although this looks like a piece of artwork, the puppeteer depicted here is actually a 6" tall unpainted sculpture by John Ottinger.
Puppeteer by Marilyn Pride and Lewis Morley, it was made for Larry Niven's GoH at Natcon in 1979. (Photo by Joyce Scrivner) © Fanac.org
The Manager of the Larry Niven Mailing List, Jonathan Andrew Sheen was not idle this past holiday period, instead he put the spare time to good use and has created a model puppeteer .
The Shape of Space cover art - close up of the puppeteer.
The Shape of Space cover art provided to Known Space by Dan Dykstra
A Puppeteer built ship the "Lying Bastard" (aptly named by Louis Wu, not the Puppeteers) approaching the Ringworld.
Cover of "The Ringworld Engineers" featuring a puppeteer.
Example of some fan art of a puppeteer (which was a failed practical joke - and I alone fell for it!!! - does this mean I'm completely gullible????). by Andrew S. Duncan
Image scan from the Green Lantern Comics provided by Edwin A. Scribner
Images appearing in "Barlowe's Guide to Extra-terrestrials"
Images appearing in "Barlowe's Guide to Extra-terrestrials"
Images appearing in "Barlowe's Guide to Extra terrestrials"
Images appearing in "Barlowe's Guide to Extra-terrestrials"
The Puppeteer Fleet of Worlds as depicted by Schuyler Horn. The Fleet of Worlds are moving at near lightspeed on their way out of the Galaxy. The Fleet consists of the Puppeteer Homeworld and also four farm planets which are lit by orbiting satellites.
Steve Sloan is also a master in 3D imaging. Steve's finished 3D model of the puppeteer designed using the 3D modelling software POV-ray. Steve also has modelled other Known Space technology, have a look at www.sloan3d.com/chmeee/knownspc.html POV model's
Nessus in a puppeteer pressure suit as featured in "The Soft Weapon". illustrated by Sci Fi artist Paul Marquis. Visit his website www.pmarq.com for more of his SF Illustrations.
Fully rendered picture of a Puppeteer on the surface of the Ringworld, perhaps with Fist-of-God in the distant background. This image was created by Mark Woolrich using the digital 3d image was created by John C. Atkeson
A 3D render of an Outsider. The Outsiders provided the Puppeteers with some of their most impressive technology, for a "modest" fee. All images on this row by John C. Atkeson.
Puppeteer kick reflex suitably demonstrated .