Fiction, by the Fans…

As fans of Larry’s we obviously want him to write more stories, however, in between releases there is always room for fan fiction.

While speaking in a strictly legal sense, fan fiction is of course, a breach of copyright. However, providing no actual harm is done to the characters or “playgrounds” by portraying them in a less than dignified light and no financial gain is made from such stories, there isn’t any harm in a little bit of extrapolative fun.

Larry has read “Many Kinds of Loving” by Carol and Ted and was impressed with the story in so much that it pointed out an error in his assumption in the parasitical nature of puppeteer reproduction. How can a vegetarian give birth to carnivorous and parasitical offspring?

If you are a budding fan fiction writer and want to try your hand, email the results to the webmasters.

  • Thorns
  • The Kzin Meet Christianity. Will Either Survive? By Bill Goodwin

  • Many Kinds of Loving
  • This is a fan fiction story based on the character of Beowulf Shaeffer, a human pilot who explored the galaxy in several stories by Larry Niven1. The story is very sexually oriented and not suitable for general distribution2. The authors have requested that anyone who wants to read the story should email them and state that they are 21 years old or older.

    A Ringworld Fan Fiction Story by Kuyto 

    This story is still a Work- In- Progress so please give Kuyto all the feedback he needs to complete the story.