This page was created in 1995 by Duncan Galloway as a repository for information related to Larry Niven's Known Space series of novels and short stories. Nesssus and Edwin A Scribner took over management of Known Space back in May 1998. Since then the site has expanded considerably as more and more fans have contributed their reviews and art to the site. Our latest Manager, Carol Phillips, a long-time friend of Larry's joined us in May 2001 shortly after Known Space moved to its own domain at

The remit of the site has since been extended to cover anything related to Larry Niven's work. In these pages you will find information on stories outside the Known Space framework, including collaborations with other authors, stories written by other authors, based on the premises of Known Space, for example, the Man-Kzin War stories, links to other sites containing related information, reviews of other resources, and information on how to contact other people with interest in Larry Niven's work.

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We hope that, whether you're a diehard fan or completely new to Larry Niven's work, you can get something worthwhile from this site. If you do enjoy the site - or if you don't - and you have any feedback you feel is relevant, or even if you just want to say hello, we encourage you to drop us a line.

If you wish to contact Larry Niven, he has signed the Known Space Guest Book on several occasions. His current email address is also available in our FAQ.