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I was born in Ca in 1942 and remember VE day and VJ day.   Grew up in Ca, joined the US NAVY in 1960 served a minority enlistment, got out in '63 and traveled.

I raced motorcycles, worked as a courier, appeared in Movies and on TV, supported myself by playing 12 string Guitar working as a mechanic and once time as a barker for a Shooting Gallery.

I've read Science Fiction since 1953 starting with Rocket Ship Galileo and Andre Norton's STARMAN'S SON.   Also anything else I could get my hands on including H. Beam Piper.   I was Filking before I knew that Fandom existed and got into Fandom in the 1970's.

Published a story with Leslie Fish in Co-DOMINUM IV: REVOLT ON THE WARWORLD called JANESFORT WAR.

However I've been mined for story ideas, plots, tech devices etc by a number of authors and even credited by a few, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle being kindest about mentioning me.

I am now slowly deteriorating in rural Arizona with a wife and owned by a 16 year old cat, Princess Tigerlilly.