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The Mortal Remains of Frank Gasperik

I. The Mundane

What is left of Frank is wending the way to California (I don't mind when friends drop in unannounced, but I hate when it's by parcel post). Sometime in early June they will be interned at the Riverside National Cemetery with military honors. Tentative date for this event is sometime around 5-7 June. Plans are still in flux and depend on the speed of his travel and time slots at RNC. I am trying to get at least 2 weeks notice to all those who plan to attend and all are invited. Leslie Fish will be flown in to join us.

After the ceremony, we'll be moving on to a local saloon, to hoist a few glasses to our absent friend and tell Frank stories. There will be recordings of Frank's last public performances made at the last World Con. If the place in mind works out, the musical instruments can come out.

II. The Sublime

A portion of Frank will be placed in a statue (or more properly a reliquary) to be housed at LASFS clubhouse currently be sculpted by the noted artist William R. Warren, Jr. whom in an email said

"I want to make clear, I'm not doing this for any notoriety or recognition, this was based on a discussion Frank and I carried on for some time in October of last year."

"...I'm open to discussion regarding how best to remember our fallen comrade."

"I have considered including a crunched-up guitar in one hairy fist and a wrecked biplane in the other. I also think Frank's beat-up ol' cowboy hat wouldn't be a bad addition, but that phase of the final design is in flux at the moment."

"He wanted King Kong on top of the Empire State Building, and I'm working from that point of view for the piece. The inscription will read:

FRANK GASPERIK, 1942 - 2007

"At the moment, I'm estimating the statue will be about 18" high, certainly not larger than 24", and the base will be under a foot square. The real limiting factor will be the size of the clock face (I want it to be a working clock and I'm looking at possibilities now. I also want it to be low-Maintenance, so it will likely be a battery drive that only has to be messed with annually.) (Well, not including Daylight Savings Time twice a year ...) "


Mr. Warren maybe contacted at ( with suggestions.

Thank you everyone for your help and consideration in this matter


Michael John Fiore,
Friend of Frank, Tax Accountant, Barkeep and Amateur Funeral Arranger.