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All the Myriad Ways - (Fictionwise)

An epidemic of suicides has Detective-Lieutenant Gene Trimble looking to the Crosstime Corporation for answers. It all began when Crosstime's ships started carrying passengers across the time tracks to any of the infinite alternate realities...

ARM - (Fictionwise)

[A Gil Hamilton Story] A murder mystery with a quantum twist: Reclusive inventor Raymond Sinclair is found with his head smashed in ... apparently by the poker from his fireplace rack, and his mummified body is trapped inside the active temporal field of his new interstellar drive sitting in the middle of his living room.

At the Core - (Fictionwise)

[A Beowulf Shaeffer Story] A human spaceship pilot accepts an offer to guide a cramped (but very fast) experimental alien ship to the center of the galaxy on a promotional stunt -- but what he finds at the core is much more important than just publicity..

Barsoom Project, The

Eviane's first visit to Dream Park - a state of the art amusement arena - had ended in disaster. The special effects had seemed more real than life.... until the holograms she was shooting at with live ammunition turned out to be solid flesh and blood - and very, very dead.

Once a woman of spectacular beauty, she is now plump and out of condition. A prime candidate for the weight-losing fantasy game known as Fat Rippers. Haunted by the past, rebounding from a lengthy spell in a mental hospital, she has returned to Dream Park to exorcise a nightmare that has become reality.

But in Dream Park, nothing is what it seems. And once again her dreams will become frighteningly real as the past begins to repeat itself - this time with Eviane as the target...

Becalmed in Hell - (Fictionwise)

Becalmed in Hell explores the psychological confrontation of a man and his spaceship's controlling intelligence system. Instead of an intelligent computer, Howie's ship is controlled by a man's brain and nervous system--a fellow spaceman named Eric who was critically injured in an accident. They are in orbit above Venus on a fact-finding mission when Eric reports the alarming news that he is unable to 'feel' the ramjets they need to get home. Upon investigation, Howie finds nothing wrong with the jets and begins to suspect that Eric is suffering from a paralyzing psychosis.

Borderland of Sol - (Fictionwise)

[A Beowulf Shaeffer Story] Spaceship pilot Beowulf Shaeffer and certified genius Carlos Wu join Sigmund Ausfaller of the Extremely Foreign Relations Bureau on an investigative mission aboard Sigmund's Extremely Fast and Heavily Armed spaceship, the Hobo Kelly. Eight ships have mysteriously disappeared from Sol System, each winking out of existence as they entered hyperdrive, and the trio's theories for the inexplicable phenomena run from human pirates to hyperspace monsters. When Carlos solicits an opinion from a gravitational expert working on a project nearby, Bey and Sigmund decipher just enough of their technical conversation to realize the gravity of the situation.  HUGO Award Winner

Building Harlequin's Moon

In a distant future, a group of far-flung colonists make an emergency stop, which entails terraforming a planet in order to tap its resources so they can complete their journey.

Burning City

Collaboration with Jerry Porunelle. The story begins nearly 14,000 years ago in Tep's Town, located on the future site of Los Angeles. Tep's Town is a city held captive by the slumbering god of fire, Yagen-Atep. Awakening only occasionally, he commands selected men to begin Burnings by giving them the ability to start fires coupled with consuming anger.

Whandall Placehold grows up in the stagnant, three-class society of Tep's town, part of a gang of thieves. No one gets in or out, since the town is hemmed in by a malevolent forest. But when Whandall is chosen by Yagen-Atep to start the Burnings, he resists the compulsion and, aided by Atlantean wizard Morth, escapes through the forest with a group of children he saves from certain death.

As the years pass, Whandall builds an empire, buys wagons and bison, and builds a trade route all along the California coast--except for Tep's Town. Life is good for Whandall and his bride, Willow, until they get a message from a desperate Morth: he convinces Whandall to return to Tep's Town and help eradicate, once and for all, an ancient magical being from Atlantis who has been trying to kill Morth for many years.

Burning Tower

Sequel to The Burning City Collaboration with: Jerry Porunelle. Whandall Feathersnake's daughter Burning Tower carries on her father's work, building a trade empire and pacifying the wilds along the Golden Road.

California Voodoo Game, The

Sequel to The Dream Park Collaboration with: Stephen Barnes. It's the ultimate Dream Park game - set in a huge abandoned cliff-face arcology in the California desert - and all the world's greatest players want to be involved. But some of the players are after much more than game points, and will kill to achieve their goals. Alex Griffin, Dream Park security chief, is back again in this sequel and of course murder, mayhem and lots of hi-tech messing about are not far away.

Destroyer of Worlds

Sequel to Fleet of Worlds. A distress call from the Gw'oth (the species introduced in Fleet of Worlds) alerts Sigmund Ausfaller and his new friends on New Terra to the inbound threat of the Pak refugee fleets.

Draco Tavern, The

Draco Tavern omnibus with new stories and a new introduction by the author.


  • Introduction
  • Subject is Closed, The
  • Grammar Lesson
  • Assimilating Our Culture, That's What They're Doing!
  • Heights, The
  • Wisdom of Demons, The
  • Smut Talk
  • Ssoroghod's People
  • Schumann Computer, The
  • Green Marauder, The
  • Real Thing, The
  • War Movie
  • Limits
  • Table Manners
  • One Night at the Draco Tavern
  • Missing Mass, The
  • Convergence of the Old Mind, The
  • Chrysalis
  • Death Addict, The
  • Storm Front
  • Slow Ones, The
  • Cruel and Unusual
  • Ones Who Stay Home, The
  • Breeding Maze
  • Playhouse
  • Lost
  • Losing Mars
  • Playground Earth

Dream Park

Collaboration with Stephen Barnes. Dream Park is the amusement park of the future where holograms take the place of rollercoasters and carousels.

Escape From Hell

In this sequel to Inferno, Carpenter continues his journey to free shades in Hell, meanwhile hell is changing around him.

Fallen Angels - FREE (part of Baen's free library)

Picture the world, some years from now, under the effects of an encroaching ice age. Public opinion has turned violently against scientists and science in all forms, believing them to be responsible somehow for the inexorable spread of the polar ice sheets. A small orbital community is left stranded as support for space research dwindles to nothing, and they must survive by their own devices or not at all. When two members of a routine flight to gather air from the upper atmosphere are shot down and crash on the North American ice sheet, survival seems impossible. Their only hope is a group of eccentric and disorganized science fiction fans who must evade the authorities and somehow return the astronauts to orbit.

In what seems to be a tribute to the often weird and wonderful world of SF fandom, Niven et al. weave a believable and tense story. Very enjoyable (although the fan jargon can often be confusing).


[A Beowulf Shaeffer story] Traveling on a spaceliner headed for Earth, spaceship pilot Beowulf Shaeffer strikes up a friendship with Gregory Pelton, the fabulously wealthy descendant of the inventor of the transfer booth--known to his friends as Elephant. Irritated at being labeled a flatlander, Elephant decides visit the most unusual system in the galaxy ... with Beowulf piloting his ship, of course…

Fleet of Worlds

Fleet of Worlds is the first Known Space novel since 1980, other than sequels to Ringworld. It is also the first Known Space story written in collaboration with another author. It has received very positive reviews and was selected as "A Sci Fi Essential book."

A chain reaction of supernova explosions has been discovered, one spreading a wave of deadly radiation across the galaxy. Fleeing ahead of the danger, five years later the Puppeteers (who call themselves "Citizens") are leaving Known Space. And they're taking their worlds with them. This "Fleet of Worlds" is comprised of Hearth, their homeworld, plus a few "Nature Preserve" farm worlds, all orbiting about a common center.

Flying Sorcerers

David Gerrold, a science fiction author in his own right, and probably will be most remembered for penning the script for the hilarious Star Trek episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles" worked with Larry in this novel which is a lighthearted romp with the magic of a primitive people coming into conflict with modern technology. Written in 1971, this was Larry's first collaborative work.

A human explorer/anthropologist discovers indigenous bronze-age hominids on a planet he is surveying. He treats them with indulgent bemusement, until one of them manages to blow up his shuttlecraft. Now he must arrange for pickup by his orbital craft, but he is thousands of miles from the pickup point. So he enlists their aid.

Fourth Profession, The - (Fictionwise)

An interstellar trading ship arrived in the moon's orbit two years ago, and the few aliens, known as the "Monks" who have descended to Earth have stayed in their landing craft or at the United Nations building in New York City. When one of the Monks unexpectedly shows up in a Los Angeles bar, bartender Ed Frazer awakes the next morning with the strangest hangover of his life. Ed barely remembers taking the pills offered by the alien; each pill flooding his brain with the knowledge of an alien profession ... spaceship captain ... teleporter .... translator ... but Ed can't remember how many pills he took, or if the confusing overload of information in his head shadows the terrible secret of their mission.

Grendel - (Fictionwise)

[A Beowulf Shaeffer Story] Itinerant space pilot and epic hero Beowulf Shaeffer finds himself in the midst of an interstellar scandal when an alien sculpture artist is kidnapped from his passenger starship.

Hole Man, The - (Fictionwise)

A team of astrophysicists land on Mars to study an abandoned alien base that was used to study humans during the Ice Age. All the environmental and communications systems are still running … but their operation remains a mystery. When one member of the team tries to prove his crazy quantum black hole theory about how the alien communications unit works, he inadvertently unleashes an astrophysical time bomb that threatens the very existence of the Red Planet.  This short story won the HUGO Award for Science Fiction.

Inconstant Moon - (Fictonwise)

A freelance technical writer notices that the moon is unusually bright. At first, he thinks it is some kind of atmospheric phenomenon, but soon he realizes he will be spending his last night alive. What should he do?  This short story was made into an episode of "The Outer Limits", and also won the HUGO Award for Science Fiction.


A reworking of Dante Aligheri's two volume classic of life in hell.

Jigsaw Man, The - (Fictionwise)

In a future where immortality can be achieved through the organ transplants, death row criminals become donors to the injured and maimed ... as long as the accident is truly accidental.

Juggler of Worlds

Niven and Lerner continue with the "Rozencrantz and Guildenstern" approach begun in Fleet of Worlds, re-telling some of Known Space's greatest stories from the point of view of the Puppeteers.

Kind of Murder, A - (Fictionwise)

When your X keeps bugging you day after day, something has to give. But in the world of instantaneous travel with the displacement booth developed by Jumpshift Inc. the old fashioned idea of an alibi for murder ceases to exist.

Last Days of the Permanent Floating Riot Club, The - (Fictionwise)

In a future when people commonly use teleportation to travel instantly to any point in the world, a sale at a department store might draw bargain hunters from all over the planet ... followed by reporters, pickpockets, political activists looking for a crowd, and anyone who think it might be fun to show up to a riot.

Legacy of Heorot, The

When the population of the colony world Avalon is threatened by a monster right out of hell, there is only one man who can kill the beast and save the colonists. But his plan to wipe out the grendels has unexpected and disastrous consequences.

There's nothing like a mix of science fiction, scary monsters, and population biology to make for a great story, and this one is highly recommended.

Lion in his Attic, The - (Fictionwise)

The catastrophe that sank Atlantis also sank the peninsula of Castle Minterl, and along with it the companion stone to the Traveling Eye -- magic emeralds used for spying on enemies. Durily, daughter of Lady Tinylla and distant relative to the drowned King, returns to the only section of the castle still standing above the waves. She must summon the King's ghost to find the other stone--and purge the invaders from her land.

Lucifer's Hammer

Nearly twenty years before the blockbuster "Asteroid strikes Earth" movies such as "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon", Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle wrote this much superior tale of the distruction of an asteriod impact.

When a comet is first detected heading towards the sun, only the most alarmist thought that it might hit the Earth. As it moves closer the likelihood becomes greater and greater, until... A very entertaining treatment of a frequently reworked genre: the disaster novel.

Man Kzin Wars IX - (Baen Websubscriptions)

Man Kzin Wars 9 contains four more tales of Known Space. Larry continues the story of Beowulf Shaeffer in Fly-By-Night;Hal Colebatch writes about Kzinti honour in "His Sergeant's Hour", Paul Chafe writes a murder-mystery ARM story entitled "Windows of the Soul" while "Pele" is one of the last published stories of Poul Anderson. Unbelieveably good value for money. To gain acess to the story you will have to register with Baen's websubscriptions service first then a simple search will reveal this book, published in January 2002.

Man Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War - (Baen Websubscriptions)

Man Kzin Wars 10 contains four stories by Hal Colebatch. The first story, the novel-length "One War for Wunderland" described the Kzinti invasion of Wunderland's star system and towns in graphic detail. Other titles include "The Corporal in the Caves", "Music Box" and "Peter Robinson".

Mote in God's Eye, The

Collaboration with Jerry Pournelle. First contact: Humans intercept an alien spacecraft and its dead pilot which have been travelling at near-light speed for over 100 years. An expedition to the alien's home system results in the first meeting between the humans and the aliens, dubbed the Moties.

At first the Moties seem friendly and helpful but closer investigation into their culture and history reveals some extremely dangerous facts.

Neutron Star - (Fictionwise)

[A Beowulf Shaeffer Story] One of Niven's most beloved characters, Beowulf Shaeffer, is forced to take a dangerous mission to explore a neutron star. The last group who went there never came back alive, but Shaeffer faces life imprisonment if he doesn't take the job. Will he determine the mysterious force that turned the prior crew to hamburger before he suffers a similar fate? HUGO Award Winner

No Exit

"No Exit" is the rarest of all Larry Niven stories. Reprinted only once in an obscure British anthology, it has otherwise only been obtainable by those who could afford the high prices charged for older science fiction magazines. Written with Jean Marie Stine, it appeared in the June 1971 issue of Fantastic Stories. The original magazine blurb for the story read in part: "Stine's review here of television's The Prisoner led to the opportunity to write the third book in that series. Niven is a Hugo winner and the author of the recent novel Ringworld. Put them together and you have?" This special Dwarf-Stars digital republication contains a very personal Introduction by Jean Marie Stine discussing the writing of the story and sharing some unique glimpses of Niven as the young author-in-the-making.

Oath of Fealty

Collaboration with Jerry Pournelle. Here they explore the possible ramifications of the logical extension of something which is becoming common nowadays: closed communities, also known as arcologies.

Todos Santos is such a community, existing in an uneasy relationship with its neighbor, Los Angeles of the future. The social and political aspects of such a situation are examined in great detail.

Not Long Before the End - (Fictionwise)

A Warlock discovers the energy source that powers all magic, and is forced to use this secret weapon to battle a jealous villager brandishing the ultimate sword of evil.

Procrustes - (Fictionwise)

[A Beowulf Shaeffer story] Spaceship pilot Beowulf Shaeffer groggily awakens on a deserted island and considers the events leading up to the moment his head was blown off. The small ship with its six passengers had just landed on Fafnir to catch an outbound spaceliner when his crewmate had inexplicably turned and fired her weapon directly at his head. The Intensive Care Cavity that saved him shows that more than four months have passed, and his friends are nowhere to be found...

Ringworld's Children

Louis and his friend The Hindmost, an alien of the Pierson's puppeteer race, are prisoners of the Ghoul protector Tunesmith, a Ringworld native, who is deliberately provoking the warships that surround his world. All the star-faring races of Known Space have sent warships to the Ringworld, and they are already at the brink of war. If fighting breaks out, the near-indestructible Ringworld will be destroyed: dissolved by antimatter weapons.

Saturn's Race

Lenore Myles has her whole life ahead of her following her graduation, with career opportunities opening everywhere. Lenore's class' graduation party, held on the idyllic artificial floating islands which make up Xanadu, couldn't be in a better spot to secure future employment for the young and the gifted. Whilst on Xanadu, Lenore meets Chaz Kato III, a millionaire who has sponsored Lenore's education—and who has watched and adored her from afar for years. Chaz offers Lenore not only a lucrative employment package but a place in his life as well.

However, the bubble is set to burst (as it surely does in all such perfect settings). Lenore accidentally stumbles onto a plot which could change the destiny of mankind. Sickened by the knowledge, Lenore flees Xanadu at her earliest opportunity, but makes the mistake of succumbing to a artificially induced nap at an airport

Chaz, realizing that Lenore has left under mysterious circumstances, tracks her down and wages an online war with an unknown assailant, just in time to save her life from the mysterious entity hiding behind the guise of the "Saturn" avatar.

As Lenore tries to recover from the attack on her mind—and fails—she finds that the two days that she spent on Xanadu have been wiped from her memory by the mysterious Saturn, whilst Chaz finds himself under greater and greater surveillance as he tries to determine what Lenore may have stumbled across..... all the while the sickening plan of the Xanadu Council is coming to fruition in the third world.


Larry Niven is the New York Times bestselling author of such classic science fiction novels as Ringworld and Destiny's Road. His previous collection, N-Space was lauded by the Houston Post as "Outstanding ... hours of entertainment," while Publishers Weekly called it "A must for science fiction fans." A follow-up volume, Playgrounds of the Mind, was praised by Kirkus Reviews as "Grand Entertainment." Now, ten years later, Scatterbrain collects an equally engaging assortment of Niven's latest work, all in one captivating volume. Here are choice excerpts from his most recent novels, as well as short stories, non-fiction articles, interviews, editorials, collaborations, and correspondence. True to its title, Scatterbrain roams all over a wide variety of fascinating topics, from space stations to convention etiquette. So give yourself a treat, and feel free to pick the brain--or Scatterbrain--one of modern science fiction's most fascinating thinkers.

Stars and Gods

A collection of excerpts from Niven's short stories and novels from approx 2004 - 2010. Each selection is accompanied by a brief introduction.


  • Excerpt from Ringworld's Children
  • Excerpt from Rainbow Mars
  • Excerpt from Escape from Hell
  • Excerpt from Burning Tower
  • Excerpt from Building Harlequin's Moon
  • Excerpt from Fleet of Worlds
  • Excerpt from Juggler of Worlds
  • Excerpt from Beowulf's Children
  • Excerpt from Achilles' Choice
  • Svetz and the Beanstalk
  • Choosing Names
  • Fly-By-Night
  • Hunting Park, The
  • After Mecca
  • Cadet Amelia
  • Cat Toy
  • Chicxulub
  • Gatherer's Guild, The
  • Solipsist at Dinner, The
  • Boys and Girls Together
  • Travelers
  • Rocket Men
  • Wet Mars (Larry Niven Talks Terraforming)
  • Where Next, Columbus?
  • Choosing Life
  • Free Floaters
  • Finding Myself
  • Missing Mass, The
  • Safe Harbor
  • Hooking the Reader
  • Larry Niven Interview by Brenda Cooper in 2000 AD
  • Food Story for the Con Jose Program Book
  • Inconstant Moon Has Passed

Storm Front - (Fictionwise)

Available in March 2004's Analog Magazine. Available from

Windows Of The Soul from Man Kzin Wars #9 - FREE (part of Baen's free library)

For fifty thousand years the Kzinti Patriarchy thrived on battle fought for conquest. Against all odds the humans stopped them, and for five wars kept on stopping them. With its violent expansion checked internal strains have built up within the Patriarchy, and now they threaten to tear it apart. When the ambitious Kchula-Tzaatz makes a bid for ultimate power the established order comes tumbling down, and the flames of war burn hot in Destiny's Forge. Hammered on that Forge are; Major Quacy Tskombe, battle hardened warrior turned diplomat. His life is duty, his mission takes him to the Citadel of the Patriarch in a last ditch effort to avert war. When it all falls apart he's forced to choose between love and loyalty, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance. Captain Ayla Cherenkova, starship commander. As talented as she is beautiful, her hatred of the Kzinti has driven her to the top. Her space combat genius is unmatched, but when she's trapped alone in the jungles of Kzinhome her survival will depend on a whole new skillset. Pouncer, First-Son-of-Meerz-Rritt, heir apparent to the galaxy's most powerful empire. He's reduced to a nameless fugitive with the collapse of his father's dynasty. Survival demands escape, but honor demands vengeance, and the price of his Name will be paid in the blood of worlds.

By Paul Chafe

Wrong Way Street - (Fictionwise)

An abandoned alien ship has been found on the moon, and a scientist studying one of the mysterious control panels thinks he has found the main propulsion system ... a time machine.

What Good is a Glass Dagger? - (Fictionwise)

Twelve thousand years before the birth of Christ, in an age when miracles were somewhat more common, a Warlock used an ancient secret to save his life.  Soon no man would call himself a magician who did not know that magic could be used up. So simple, so dangerous a secret. The wonder was that nobody had noticed it before.  First Published: 1972 F&SF