Chat Log: March 4th 2007

Mar 03 13:02:02 <SeanS> hmm, i figured there would be more people in here by now

Mar 03 13:10:35 <emilio_lizardo> I'm here. If I'm here and you're here, doesn't that make it *our* time?

Mar 03 13:17:11 <SeanS> yep... guess so

Mar 03 13:17:19 <SeanS> gotta head out for a while tho

Mar 03 13:21:50 <emilio_lizardo> hey SeanS, you missed Anna Nicole Smith's funeral. I though you were going.

Mar 03 13:23:18 <SeanS> uh huh

Mar 03 13:23:48 <emilio_lizardo> heh. i know you like to be kept abreast (get it... huhuhuhuhuh) that you'd like to know

Mar 03 13:24:02 <emilio_lizardo> just providing a selfless public service

Mar 03 13:37:53 <SeanS> thanx

Mar 03 13:38:11 <emilio_lizardo> hey, any time.

Mar 03 13:51:38 * NickE (~NickE@ has joined #knownspace

Mar 03 13:51:45 <SeanS> hi Nick

Mar 03 13:52:21 <NickE> Hi Sean, Frank,MArk, Emilio

Mar 03 13:52:56 * psybud (~psybud@ has joined #knownspace

Mar 03 13:53:10 <psybud> yo

Mar 03 13:53:13 <SeanS> howdy Willis

Mar 03 13:53:28 <psybud> what's ups

Mar 03 13:53:54 <NickE> Will be in and out today. Got Primeval and a lunar eclipse to watch, son to drop off at his friends, food to get, food to eat etc :-)

Mar 03 13:54:06 <NickE> Hi psybud

Mar 03 13:54:15 <psybud> greetings

Mar 03 13:55:12 <emilio_lizardo> hi guys

Mar 03 13:55:23 <NickE> Hey Mark

Mar 03 13:55:34 <emilio_lizardo> hi nick

Mar 03 13:55:42 <psybud> the sprawling metropolis of Eminence KY

Mar 03 13:55:44 <NickE> Gonna check out teh eclipse (if it isnt raining)?

Mar 03 13:55:53 <SeanS> cloudy and snowing a bit here... no eclipse

Mar 03 13:55:59 <NickE> shame

Mar 03 13:56:02 <emilio_lizardo> what time is the ecipse?

Mar 03 13:56:08 <psybud> yeah

Mar 03 13:56:21 <NickE> I think totality is around 10-11pm

Mar 03 13:56:26 <NickE> GNT

Mar 03 13:56:31 <NickE> GMT even

Mar 03 13:56:40 <psybud> lol

Mar 03 13:56:55 <NickE> starts fairly shortly

Mar 03 13:57:03 <psybud> cool

Mar 03 13:57:39 <psybud> i'm chatin

Mar 03 13:57:40 <NickE> Moon biga nd bright here, clear skies for a change. Actually very warm today

Mar 03 13:58:01 <psybud> what does that mean?

Mar 03 13:58:07 <SeanS> well, gotta rolll into town for a while

Mar 03 13:58:33 <psybud> cool

Mar 03 13:58:51 <psybud> got to run

Mar 03 13:59:22 <NickE> er 14+ degrees C

Mar 03 13:59:46 <NickE> Catch you later on

Mar 03 13:59:51 <emilio_lizardo> cool. i'll have to go outside and see if it is clear. it was cloudy earlier..

Mar 03 14:00:17 <NickE> Been clear here all day.

Mar 03 14:00:26 <psybud> i'm back

Mar 03 14:00:35 <emilio_lizardo> I live in the grim north

Mar 03 14:00:36 <NickE> That was quick :-)

Mar 03 14:00:46 <psybud> oh yeah

Mar 03 14:01:00 <psybud> i had to make my bed

Mar 03 14:01:00 <NickE> Aye, OOP north

Mar 03 14:02:09 <NickE> Anyone listen to The Signal podcast?

Mar 03 14:04:29 <NickE> Ever?

Mar 03 14:05:44 <NickE> At all?

Mar 03 14:08:31 <NickE> <tumbleweed>

Mar 03 14:12:41 <psybud> i'm back (again)

Mar 03 14:13:48 <psybud> i was watching tv

Mar 03 14:14:28 <NickE> typical. Got to drop off for a while, sorry. Be back in a while (may be up to an hour and a half)

Mar 03 14:14:43 <psybud> ok

Mar 03 14:18:29 * NickE has quit (Connection reset by peer)

Mar 03 14:22:59 * Dan (~vila@ has joined #knownspace

Mar 03 14:23:22 <Dan> Sheesh! My newest copy of mIRC didn't want to run.

Mar 03 14:24:39 * Received a CTCP PING 1172949853 from Dan

Mar 03 14:27:47 * wierdling (~wierdling@ has joined #knownspace

Mar 03 14:28:03 <Dan> Hello, wierdling.

Mar 03 14:28:13 <wierdling> howdy all.

Mar 03 14:29:58 <Dan> Seems like it doesn't pay to get here too early. LOL!

Mar 03 14:30:21 <Dan> Everyone seems to be away from their keyboards at the moment.

Mar 03 14:30:26 <wierdling> it does appear a bit quiet right now. which is cool. I am still trying wo wake up.

Mar 03 14:30:56 <Dan> I have to leave for work in a few hours, so I thought I'd pop in a bit early.

Mar 03 14:32:05 <Dan> I'm having to use an old copy of mIRC. The one I usually use won't start up. It won't even pop up on my monitor, for some reason.

Mar 03 14:32:38 <wierdling> I am using the javaapplet.

Mar 03 14:33:36 <Dan> I... dislike, to put it mildly, Java applets for chat.

Mar 03 14:33:57 <wierdling> I don't often say this, but I wish I lived on the east coast for tonight

Mar 03 14:34:05 <Dan> Oh? Why?

Mar 03 14:35:34 <wierdling> the lunar eclipse

Mar 03 14:35:42 <wierdling> not going to get much of it on the west coast.

Mar 03 14:36:18 <Dan> Oh! I'll miss that entirely. And I *do* live on the east coast. I'll be indoors at work all night.

Mar 03 14:37:17 <wierdling> that sucks :( you don't get any breaks around twilight?

Mar 03 14:37:59 <Dan> Twilight? No, I'll be working from 7 PM until 7 AM. My first break won't be until 9 PM.

Mar 03 14:39:24 <wierdling> rough shift :) what do you do for your daily bread?

Mar 03 14:40:23 <Dan> Manufacture fiberglass insulation. I run a machine that squashes the insulation down and packs it into plastic bags.

Mar 03 14:41:01 <wierdling> I saw the process on "How They Do That" it was pretty cool looking. reminds me of cotton candy for some reason.

Mar 03 14:41:45 <Dan> It is like cotton candy, in a way. It's glass, spun into fine threads.

Mar 03 14:44:17 <Dan> I don't work in the part of the factory that does the spinning, but I've been in that section to see it done.

Mar 03 14:45:01 <wierdling> I love watching shows that show how things are made. it is always interesting.

Mar 03 14:45:07 <Dan> Indeed!

Mar 03 14:47:24 <Dan> There was supposed to be an episode of "Modern Marvels" filmed in the factory where I work, but someone in management killed the project because they thought we'd be giving away company secrets in how our process differs from other fiberglass companies. So the TV show producers went o our competition to do their filming.

Mar 03 14:49:02 <wierdling> just like managment *l* it seems to me that they could have them skip over any sensitive stuff.

Mar 03 14:50:30 <Dan> Overly-paranoid. All the secrets we have are in the mix of sand, rocks, and such, and the chemicals that the fibers get treated with. Everything else is exactly the same as out competition.

Mar 03 15:02:00 <wierdling> O.K. it is noon, where is everyone? haha

Mar 03 15:04:40 <SeanS> well, its official start time

Mar 03 15:04:49 <Dan> Yeah!

Mar 03 15:05:45 <Dan> I'm trying to get those CDs burned for Frank. Having a rough time with my CD burner. Now trying to make a music CD with the DVD burner.

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Mar 03 15:13:16 <SeanS> gotta restart x... brb

Mar 03 15:13:21 Python interface unloaded

Mar 03 15:13:21 Tcl interface unloaded

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Mar 03 15:16:43 * Now talking on #knownspace

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Mar 03 15:16:43 * Topic for #knownspace set by SeanS at Tue Feb 6 15:26:55 2007

Mar 03 15:16:50 <Dan> WB

Mar 03 15:17:32 <Dan> OK, the DVD burner made the CD with no problems at all. Must be something wrong with the CD burner. Maybe there's dust on the laser head.

Mar 03 15:18:44 <SeanS> could be

Mar 03 15:19:39 <Dan> Well, at least I have those two music CDs for Frank done now.

Mar 03 15:20:08 <SeanS> where is he anyway?

Mar 03 15:20:24 <Dan> Dunno.

Mar 03 15:22:12 <Dan> Wierdlind and I were the only ones talking until you spoke up.

Mar 03 15:22:35 <Dan> weirdling, rather.

Mar 03 15:23:13 <SeanS> well, i will probably be in and out at least once more... about to get the tv working for video in suse

Mar 03 15:23:43 <Dan> I've been beating my head against a wall trying to figure out why the CD burner worked fine on one CD but wouldn't burn a second disc

Mar 03 15:24:42 <Dan> And why my newest copy of mIRC wouldn't run.

Mar 03 15:29:48 <SeanS> rebootig

Mar 03 15:29:51 Python interface unloaded

Mar 03 15:29:51 Tcl interface unloaded

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Mar 03 15:31:33 * Now talking on #knownspace

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Mar 03 15:31:33 * Topic for #knownspace set by SeanS at Tue Feb 6 15:26:55 2007

Mar 03 15:32:46 <Dan> WB, again.

Mar 03 15:33:45 <SeanS> success

Mar 03 15:34:17 <Dan> Good!

Mar 03 15:34:17 <SeanS> can now watch downloaded video on the tv from the suse box

Mar 03 15:34:34 <SeanS> astronaut farmer playing now ;)

Mar 03 15:34:40 <Dan> LOL!

Mar 03 15:34:59 <SeanS> one of my major reasons for keeping windows on this box is gone

Mar 03 15:35:33 <Dan> Linux only for you from now on?

Mar 03 15:35:53 <SeanS> could be

Mar 03 15:36:32 <SeanS> have to get a linux par2 tool to work

Mar 03 15:37:24 <psybud> het there sully

Mar 03 15:37:27 <psybud> hey

Mar 03 15:37:35 <SeanS> yo, willy boy

Mar 03 15:37:53 <psybud> The snow has ceased yet again here

Mar 03 15:38:09 <SeanS> it has quit here as well

Mar 03 15:38:48 <Dan> I'm glad to say that the tornados passed us by, here.

Mar 03 15:39:06 <SeanS> glad to hear it... was wondering, dan

Mar 03 15:39:24 <Dan> All the bad stuff happened far to the south of me.

Mar 03 15:39:35 <psybud> Enterprise Miss. got hammered

Mar 03 15:39:45 <Dan> All we got was torrential rain and some blustery winds.

Mar 03 15:40:48 <Dan> I'm not going to have to worry about my well running dry this year, if this keeps up.

Mar 03 15:41:06 <SeanS> hehe

Mar 03 15:41:33 <SeanS> gotta go get julie before too much longer... she is playing bingo

Mar 03 15:41:51 <SeanS> hopefully winning me lots of money

Mar 03 15:43:31 <psybud> Good luck with that...

Mar 03 15:44:08 * Fred (~Fred@ has joined #knownspace

Mar 03 15:44:12 <SeanS> yeah

Mar 03 15:44:16 <psybud> I'm brewing a fresh pot of coffee, still trying to wake up

Mar 03 15:44:17 <SeanS> Hi Fred!

Mar 03 15:44:24 <Fred> Greets!

Mar 03 15:44:28 <Dan> Hiya, Fred.

Mar 03 15:44:49 <Dan> I'm making a pot of coffee too. Great minds think alike!

Mar 03 15:44:58 <psybud> good call...

Mar 03 15:45:01 <Fred> and so do ours

Mar 03 15:46:11 <psybud> Sully, did you grab that radio equipment?

Mar 03 15:46:21 <SeanS> no

Mar 03 15:46:25 <Dan> Well, I have to work overtime tonight and the next three nights, then 4 nights of my regular shift. If I'm very lucky, I'll get OT on my first day off after those, as well.

Mar 03 15:46:30 <SeanS> talked to dad for half aan hour and totally forgot

Mar 03 15:46:57 <psybud> If the wind subsides I am gonna hook up the linear...

Mar 03 15:47:43 <SeanS> doesnt look like the wind is going to lay down

Mar 03 15:48:19 <psybud> Too cold to fool with it outside right now.

Mar 03 15:49:18 <Fred> where are you?

Mar 03 15:49:22 <Dan> I've already worked the last 4 days, this OT and my next regular week will give me 12 in a row. If I get that 13th day/night as OT, then I'll have a 72 hour check and an 84 hour check back-to-back.

Mar 03 15:49:43 <psybud> Dan, ou'll be rollin in the dough!

Mar 03 15:50:05 <psybud> Fred, I'm in the Commonwealth of KY USA

Mar 03 15:50:17 <Fred> ah

Mar 03 15:50:19 <Dan> It'll all go to catch up on what I got behind with the 4 day layoff a week ago.

Mar 03 15:50:31 <Fred> it's somewhat more temperate here in Arizona :)

Mar 03 15:50:53 <SeanS> going to 23 degrees here tonight, Fred

Mar 03 15:51:03 <psybud> Dan, what do you do to earn your keep?

Mar 03 15:51:30 <Dan> Still haven't gotten my piddly unemployment check for that layoff week. *That* ought to almost equal 2 days pay.

Mar 03 15:51:52 <Dan> I work in a factory that makes fiberglass insulation for people's homes.

Mar 03 15:52:51 <psybud> I hear ya, I'm a factory worker myself

Mar 03 15:54:17 <Dan> I run a packaging machne that compresses a whole wall's worth of insulation down into a 48"x16"(or 24")x12" bag that gets shipped out to contractors & installers.

Mar 03 15:55:16 <psybud> Wow, keep your hands out of that thing!

Mar 03 15:55:46 <Dan> I do!

Mar 03 15:55:53 <Fred> it's like the fuel conveyor belt in Battlestar Galactica

Mar 03 15:56:23 <SeanS> i quit on battlestar

Mar 03 15:56:38 <Fred> you can never turn it off or the plant explodes, so somebody has to stick a hand in there once in a while as a sacrifice

Mar 03 15:56:47 <Dan> LOL!

Mar 03 15:57:09 <psybud> Excellent! The druids would be proud...

Mar 03 15:57:20 <Dan> No me! I keep my hands out of the machinery unless I have all the power sources turned off and locked out.

Mar 03 15:57:22 <Fred> hee hee

Mar 03 15:58:07 <psybud> Don't cross the streams...

Mar 03 15:58:12 <Dan> Right!

Mar 03 15:58:17 * NickE (~NickE@ has joined #knownspace

Mar 03 15:58:20 <emilio_lizardo> I don't. i used to work on montiors. Got thrown over a desk.

Mar 03 15:58:25 <Dan> Hiya, Nick.

Mar 03 15:58:29 <emilio_lizardo> hey dan

Mar 03 15:58:29 <NickE> back

Mar 03 15:58:33 <SeanS> wb, nick

Mar 03 15:58:35 <NickE> Ho Dan!

Mar 03 15:58:42 <Dan> Hiya Emilio.

Mar 03 15:58:47 <emilio_lizardo> just trying to put the 1 gig processor I found in this free box

Mar 03 15:58:51 <Fred> hey nick

Mar 03 15:58:56 <psybud> hello

Mar 03 15:58:57 <emilio_lizardo> Fred!

Mar 03 15:58:59 <NickE> Hi Fred

Mar 03 15:59:43 <NickE> Well, I can't see the eclipse starting just yet. Still clear though

Mar 03 15:59:56 <emilio_lizardo> it's gone clearer here, for the moment

Mar 03 15:59:58 <Dan> Still broad daylight here.

Mar 03 16:00:04 <emilio_lizardo> the UK sucks for astronomy.

Mar 03 16:00:04 <NickE> :-)

Mar 03 16:00:20 <NickE> A lot of the time true

Mar 03 16:00:38 <psybud> Does anyone know where we are in the 11 year sunspot cycle?

Mar 03 16:00:39 <Dan> If the moon has risen, I can't see it for the cloud cover.

Mar 03 16:00:53 <NickE> Not offhand

Mar 03 16:01:37 <SeanS> off to get julie... bbiab

Mar 03 16:01:48 <Dan> Be careful, Sean!

Mar 03 16:02:03 <psybud> be careful packin' all that cash!

Mar 03 16:02:08 <NickE> ?

Mar 03 16:02:20 <Dan> Julie is off playing BINGO.

Mar 03 16:02:24 <psybud> BINGO

Mar 03 16:02:27 <NickE> Ah :-)

Mar 03 16:02:34 <wierdling> we are in the low part of the cycle.

Mar 03 16:02:46 <NickE> OK

Mar 03 16:02:48 <psybud> AKA Gambling Catholic style

Mar 03 16:03:17 <Fred> I thought that was the rythm method

Mar 03 16:03:18 <psybud> gotcha

Mar 03 16:03:24 <NickE> :-)

Mar 03 16:03:33 <psybud> HEHE

Mar 03 16:03:42 <Fred> :)

Mar 03 16:03:43 <Dan> One of my buddies from work was trying to talk me into playing the lotto last night. Over $286 million, but I hate to waste a dollar. LOL!

Mar 03 16:04:09 <psybud> Which Lotto is that?

Mar 03 16:04:26 <Dan> Either Lotto South or Mega-Millions.

Mar 03 16:04:59 <Fred> one of the first ads I ever did was for the Arizona Lottery. I came *this* close to blowing my whole check on lottery tickets

Mar 03 16:05:02 <NickE> Puts the UK one in the shade (Sat pot typically 5-8 mill)

Mar 03 16:05:06 <NickE> UKP

Mar 03 16:05:10 <psybud> We have Powerball here and I hate to admit I do play occasionally

Mar 03 16:05:29 <Dan> I probably haven't spent $20 on the lottery in the last 5 years - or however long Georgia has had the lottery.

Mar 03 16:06:08 <NickE> I think we have a monthly ticket every now and then. Tend only to give it a try on rollovers

Mar 03 16:06:31 <psybud> Better chance of being struck by lightning while being attacked by a shark during a gang related shooting

Mar 03 16:06:44 <Dan> Exactly.

Mar 03 16:06:46 <NickE> Think I'd prefer the lotto though

Mar 03 16:06:52 <Dan> LOL!

Mar 03 16:07:11 <Fred> at some point we'll be able to buy tickets on the net and then we'll be in trouble

Mar 03 16:07:23 <psybud> There are definitely worse habits to have

Mar 03 16:07:52 <Dan> Nah. It's easier to just buy a ticket when I buy beer. Frankly, I always get more out of the beer.

Mar 03 16:07:58 <NickE> Hey Dan, didn't say congrats on 10 years of Apehelion. Congrats :-)

Mar 03 16:08:07 <Dan> Thanks, Nick!

Mar 03 16:08:49 <Fred> I never go to convenience markets any more. It's too much trouble to buy tickets in the grocery store

Mar 03 16:08:54 <NickE> Nice to see fannish things lasting

Mar 03 16:08:55 <Dan> Some of the readers are agitating for us to go Pro. But they don't know that that'd be the kiss of death.

Mar 03 16:09:03 <Fred> have to make a special stop

Mar 03 16:09:44 <psybud> I had to look that one up...

Mar 03 16:11:57 <psybud> So hey guys I'm new to this chat thing, Let me know where everyone resides...

Mar 03 16:12:12 <Fred> you first!

Mar 03 16:12:27 <psybud> Eminence Kentucky USA....

Mar 03 16:12:30 <Dan> I'm in Athens, georgia. About 90 miles northeast of Atlanta.

Mar 03 16:12:37 <Fred> lol, I knew that didn't I

Mar 03 16:12:42 <wierdling> Seattle, WA area.

Mar 03 16:12:48 <Fred> Phoenix Arizona

Mar 03 16:14:09 <psybud> Eminence is about 45 miles Northeast of Louisville KY

Mar 03 16:14:15 <Dan> You're near Frank, aren't you Fred?

Mar 03 16:15:09 <Fred> yeah, a few miles East of him

Mar 03 16:15:30 <Dan> My wife used to live in Soccoro, New Mexico. She used to go sunbathing inside one of the dishes at the VLA. LOL!

Mar 03 16:15:44 <NickE> Near Banbury (the one in the nursery rhyme) UK. 'Bout 25 miles north of Oxford

Mar 03 16:15:57 <NickE> Cool

Mar 03 16:15:59 <psybud> Bloody hell..

Mar 03 16:16:02 <NickE> Well, hot

Mar 03 16:16:17 <Dan> But her family is from Pritsmouth, England.

Mar 03 16:16:29 <Dan> Portsmouth, rather.

Mar 03 16:16:33 <NickE> Portsmouth?

Mar 03 16:16:43 <NickE> Ah a Pompey lass

Mar 03 16:16:49 <Dan> Yeah!

Mar 03 16:17:00 <NickE> Went to college there and lived on for a few years

Mar 03 16:17:03 <Dan> You ought to hear her during the World Cup.

Mar 03 16:17:07 <NickE> :-)

Mar 03 16:17:22 <psybud> I'm a closet Monty Python fan...

Mar 03 16:17:29 <Dan> Aren't we all?

Mar 03 16:17:39 <NickE> So's everyone else. Dont get us started FFS!

Mar 03 16:18:09 <psybud> Wink Wink Nod Nod.... Say no MORE!

Mar 03 16:18:36 <NickE> Too late!

Mar 03 16:18:42 <Dan> Although I tried to watch "Hyperdrive" last night on BBC America, but they ran some Eddie Izzard specials instead. That was fun!

Mar 03 16:18:53 <NickE> Eddie is fun

Mar 03 16:19:24 <NickE> Hyperdrive was OK ,but suffered a bit from trying to play the "naff Brit" angle too hard

Mar 03 16:19:31 <Dan> He seems to aim for an intelligent audience.

Mar 03 16:19:57 <NickE> He does a killer set in school level French

Mar 03 16:20:07 <NickE> (or has done)

Mar 03 16:20:10 <Dan> Yeah, it wasn't as full-tilt funny as Red Dwarf, but it is watchable.

Mar 03 16:20:21 <NickE> Agreed

Mar 03 16:20:36 <Dan> Yeah, I saw that one. I almost understood it. And I don't speak any french.

Mar 03 16:20:44 <psybud> OK what kind of connections do we have out there?

Mar 03 16:20:47 <NickE> Exactly

Mar 03 16:21:00 <Dan> Connections?

Mar 03 16:21:06 <psybud> WWW

Mar 03 16:21:14 <Dan> DSL, here.

Mar 03 16:21:39 <psybud> I have to bounce off a satellite

Mar 03 16:21:47 <psybud> RURAL AREA

Mar 03 16:21:51 <Fred> I watched one Hyperdrive

Mar 03 16:22:00 <NickE> Still on dialup(but changing soon! I saw my last phone bill YIKE!)

Mar 03 16:22:06 <Fred> there was a solo woman pilot who'd gone crazy

Mar 03 16:22:20 <Fred> and danish drug smugglers

Mar 03 16:22:23 <NickE> Oh that one wasnt so good

Mar 03 16:22:25 <Dan> I think that a carrier pigeon would have been faster than my dial-up was.

Mar 03 16:22:33 <Fred> lol, yeah, I was underwhelmed

Mar 03 16:22:40 <psybud> I had no choice here in the sticks so I got Wildblue

Mar 03 16:22:49 <NickE> It was beetr that Torchwood anyway

Mar 03 16:22:55 <NickE> not difficult

Mar 03 16:23:21 <Dan> When does the new season of Dr. Who start?

Mar 03 16:23:50 <NickE> Soon I think. Spring anyway

Mar 03 16:24:05 <NickE> Should be good

Mar 03 16:24:15 <psybud> Don't know. I havent watched TV in 11 years

Mar 03 16:24:26 <Fred> only 2 stargates left for those of us torrenting the british feed

Mar 03 16:25:08 <Dan> Good. Maybe I'll have all the episodes of the first three Doctors by then. Still have to work on getting all the Tom Baker, Peter Davison, and some Sylvester McCoy episodes.

Mar 03 16:25:39 <NickE> On the whole, not missed much. But Firefly and the new BSG and Heroes are worth a look

Mar 03 16:26:05 <Fred> watching firefly again in HiDef

Mar 03 16:26:19 <psybud> I am attempting to work myself to death these days

Mar 03 16:26:22 <NickE> Oooh shiny

Mar 03 16:26:30 <Fred> very

Mar 03 16:26:31 <NickE> Never a good thing

Mar 03 16:26:45 <Dan> I have all the eps of Firefly, and the movie, but I *still* haven't watched them. Got to manage my time better! LOL!

Mar 03 16:26:48 <Fred> on the other hand Atlantis looks pretty bad in HD

Mar 03 16:27:54 <NickE> BTW, mentioned it earlier but everyone was assleep :-) The Signal is worth listening too. And not just 'cos I'm in it from Season 3 Ep4 (This weeks) He He!

Mar 03 16:27:55 <psybud> I'm off to a pretty good start

Mar 03 16:28:30 <NickE> DAN! Sit down and do it dude. You're a prime Browncoat candidate

Mar 03 16:29:03 <NickE> It also th